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Dec 18, 2018 1:30:00 PM / by VRdirect

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The ARENA SUMMIT took place on 20th & 21st November at the Commerzbank-Arena in Frankfurt am Main. It was the first time that this event brought together people from all over the world to talk about current trends in stadiums, multifunctional arenas, the sports business and the entertainment industry. 


Shortcut: Watch our interactive 360° walk-through of the ARENA SUMMIT 2018 below

During the ARENA SUMMIT, 17 specialist forums with 70 speakers offered insights into future topics and current tasks such as smart technologies, ticketing systems, entertainment concepts, fan experience, eSports and naming rights.

VRdirect, represented by our CEO Rolf Illenberger, had a booth at the summit to showcase the VRdirect platform, which allows users to add interactivity to 360° footage.

Besides having interesting conversations with event experts and sport specialists, VRdirect and Contentküche had the chance to shoot 360° degree footage on site and create an interactive 360° / VR walkthrough of the ARENA SUMMIT immediately after. 

As well as the DMEXCO tour back in September 2018, the ARENA SUMMIT walk-through demonstrates perfectly that in the event industry the implementation of Virtual Reality for marketing and sales really could become a "must-do"


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Virtual Reality takes Event Marketing to a new level


Of course it is easy to showcase an event space in multiple styles and for multiple purposes. But Virtual Reality takes this to another level: customers can experience the atmosphere and the possibilities in a way like never seen before. A virtual and interactive tour shows much more than words, images or even videos ever could. It is an emotional experience and therefore more convincing than any other medium, especially if it is interactive and the user can decide what they want to do.

Moreover, VR cannot only be used for showcasing event spaces or virtual walk-throughs. There is also the possibility to give visitors the opportunity to watch key notes after the actual event in 360° with the possibility to jump to the most interesting parts and discussions. Another important use case might be the extension of conferences through the use of VR technology e.g. by offering a virtual version of the event. This revolutionizes the way people visit conferences and is additionally a scalable solution to further market and sell events. 

Let's have a look at the interactive 360° example we have shot right at the conference in Frankfurt (language: German): 

Watch the interactive 360° tour on

With more than 30 business and industry partners and over 600 participants on two days in the lounges and boxes of the Commerzbank-Arena, the summit had everything we wished for. We are very happy that the ARENA SUMMIT will be the new congress for the sports business and stadium sector and that VRdirect was able to participate in the first year of this conference. 


In 2019, the Arena Summit will again take place at the Commerzbank-Arena on November 20th & 21st.


If you are organizing or marketing events and trade shows, have a look at our new solutions page for Virtual Reality at events.



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