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May 4, 2018 10:10:59 AM / by VRdirect


The VRdirect Player App and the award-winning WDR360 App created with VRdirect are live and accessible on the Oculus Go Platform!



Simply Download the VRdirect App (iOS, Android, Oculus) to view VRdirect’s experiences with your Oculus Go or download the WDR App to experience the Cologne cathedral-like never before.

Just as the Oculus Go allows you to easily enter virtual reality with no PC or wires attached, the VRdirect Builder allows you to easily create your own professional interactive 360° experiences with no coding experience or prior skills required.

With a toolbox catering for all of the Oculus Go’s latest features and an already live App in the Oculus store, VRdirect is ready to go live with your interactive VR experiences!


Features and Functions - A perfect match for VRdirect



VRdirect’s 4K capability is perfect for the Oculus GO

Bring your interactive experiences to life with VRdirect’s 4K capability and the Oculus Go’s Innovative VR lenses, vibrant in color and rich in depth.



Leverage the full power of the Oculus Go’s Spatial audio drivers built right into the headset.

VRdirect’s interactive elements allow you to trigger sounds, audio tracks or play videos with your gaze or a set timer.


Publishing with VRdirect and Oculus Go

If you want to publish your own interactive 360° experience on the Oculus Platform, download the VRdirect Builder here and start today!


Image source: CNET Sean Hollister


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