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Nov 14, 2018 2:15:15 PM / by VRdirect

DMEXCO in interactive 360

Have you ever wondered what Europe’s largest congress trade fair for the digital industry looks like? Or were you an exhibitor in 2018 and would like to see your booth again?



You can experience it now - virtually

For this year’s DMEXCO, VRdirect and BRAND SPIDERS – a Munich-based creative agency and production company – created an interactive virtual tour of the trade fair in 360°.

The tour was already accessible to visitors of DMEXCO 2018 through VR glasses at VRdirect’s booth in the World of Experience.

Viond booth at DMEXCO 2018


Now, it was made available online!

You can either view it on the website of DMEXCO or directly below.

Use your mouse cursor to choose a field of view and click the displayed icons to navigate through the exhibition halls.


Short implementation time for interactive trade fair walkthroughs

Interactive 360° walkthroughs like the DMEXCO tour shown above can be produced in a very limited time frame: From starting to film the exhibition halls in 360° to publishing the finished interactive VR experience only 3 hours went by.

Since the set up of booths often takes until the evening or night before the opening of a trade fair, this is an important asset.


The benefits of VR in trade fair settings

Trade fairs can benefit from Virtual Reality applications in various ways:

• Trade fairs can reach a bigger audience  

Trade fairs can broaden their audience by giving people the opportunity to visit their exhibitions virtually. This can be achieved by offering virtual tours which can be further expanded by adding virtual booths where exhibitors can present their company and products virtually in addition to their actual exhibition appearance at the trade fair.

Trade fairs benefit both from a higher number of visitors, an innovative offering and additional monetization potentials.

• Products can be presented in detail

Through immersive VR experiences, visitors can grasp the products of exhibitors in detail. Moreover, exhibitors can virtually bring products to their booth which are too big or too small to exhibit them in reality.  


• Dwell time at booths can be increased

Presenting visitors a virtual VR experience will increase the time they spend at a booth. This way, exhibitors can get into a deeper conversation about the visitors’ needs and understand if their product can meet them.

To facilitate the use of VR for exhibitors, trade fairs can offer the creation of VR experiences as an additional service.

• Trade fair experiences can be made more memorable

VR content is easier to memorize than content presented in other media. This increases the chances that visitors will remember what they have seen – be it a virtual tour of a trade fair or a certain product presented at a booth.



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DMEXCO-Blogartikel-Img (1)A special thanks goes to our partner agency BRAND SPIDERS for producing the DMEXCO 360° walkthrough with VRdirect.

For more information on how BRAND SPIDERS is using VRdirect to grow their VR business, click here.





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